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Exciting Partnership With Elixir Strings

Elixir Strings Gives Joy We're grateful to now be working with the incredible team at Elixir Strings who's helping share the joy of music with aspiring musicians in the developing world! We're stoked to be able to provide our guitar recipients with state-of-the-art, durable, & long lasting … [Read More]

Refugees Receive Joy

Refugee Camp - Lesvos, Greece FOR REFUGEES pushed into Europe by the Syrian civil war, the refugee camp in Lesvos is often the first stop. Here they are interviewed to determine whether they will be allowed into a European country or sent home. Because of the extreme danger that many refugees … [Read More]

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                         INSTRUMENTS OF JOY UPDATE Thanks to our donors, we will have delivered well over 200 instruments in over 40 countries this year. We just made our second delivery to Syrian refugees in Greece and equipped several community leaders in extremely remote locations along the … [Read More]