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IOJ Interview: Kurt Coble

Kurt Coble is a delivery partner with Instruments of Joy and has witnessed the impact of many IOJ instrument deliveries in South America and Africa. Kurt Coble: Hi my name is Kurt Coble. About eight years ago I started an organization with a friend called World Music Mission. Its goal was two … [Read More]

IOJ Interview: Luiza Chrzanowska (Poland)

IOJ INTERVIEW: LUIZA CHRZANOWSKA IOJ: Thanks for joining us for a new special Instruments of Joy interview. Today we are joined by Luiza from Poland, and Luiza thank you so much for agreeing to share with us some of your wonderful stories of how you have used music to serve others around … [Read More]

IOJ Interview: Dunia Massa (Belgium)

IOJ INTERVIEW: DUNIA MASSA Instruments of Joy had the privilege of talking with Dunia Massa, a worship leader from LifePoint Brussels. She shares how she has seen music and worship touch people from other cultures and well as how her own life has recently been impacted by receiving the gift of an … [Read More]