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5th of February 2016 06:04 PM Link
A testament to the impact that music has on young lives. It gives so much: knowledge, opportunity, beauty, & purpose. http://ow.ly/XGV1x
3rd of February 2016 06:35 PM Link
Job plays for his church in Haïti. Now thanks to Rod Kraft, Job has a new guitar to bless his community with! #givejoy #changealife
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1st of February 2016 06:03 PM Link
Thank you Rod Kraft! Now Kelly, a young student in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, has new guitar to pursue his passion of music! #givejoy #changealife
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29th of January 2016 06:11 PM Link
Read our latest blog to learn more about why we believe the gift of instruments is so important. #givejoy https://instrumentsofjoy.org/why-give-instruments/

Why Give Instruments?

INSTRUMENTS GIVE JOY You may ask, why give instruments when people are desperate for water, food, shelter, and clothing? Yes, the poor in the world have many physical needs--and it is important to serve and meet those needs--but people also have poverty of the spirit and soul. On a trip to … [Read More]

Benefit Concert: Huge Success!

The success of this concert was because of the many people who donated time, musical talent, and money. The concert was made possible because of the people. Instruments of Joy is simply here to equip aspiring musicians in the developing world with quality musical instruments. … [Read More]

We hit 70!

Every week we are seeing more instruments being given away in various countries all around the world. In this moment we have 3 guitars in route to Haiti, and 1 guitar in route to Rwanda. This week one of our Advocates, Vanessa Maddoux delivered a guitar to a church in Israel! … [Read More]