What if the next Beethoven is born in rural Kenya?
We want to be there to give him an instrument.

We’ve delivered 110 instruments in 27 countries!

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Benefit Concert: Huge Success!

The success of this concert was because of the many people who donated time, musical talent, and money. The concert was made possible because of the people. Instruments of Joy is simply here to equip aspiring musicians in the developing world with quality musical instruments. … [Read More]

We hit 70!

Every week we are seeing more instruments being given away in various countries all around the world. In this moment we have 3 guitars in route to Haiti, and 1 guitar in route to Rwanda. This week one of our Advocates, Vanessa Maddoux delivered a guitar to a church in Israel! … [Read More]

Three Instruments Delivered to Mexico!

Three instruments have been successfully delivered to three children at the Rio Bravo Children's Home in Mexico! Musician Kent Blazy generously donated these instruments (1 acoustic guitar, 1 guitalele, and 1 electric guitar) and Bruce Coble, Missions Pastor at Springhouse Worship and Arts Center, … [Read More]